The poetic term we would like to share with you for the 24 Seasons of Japan’s “Autumn Begins” season is somewhat melancholic: “Autumn Fan”. This item so valued and important during Summer is thrown away and forgotten once a cool breeze starts to blow. It could be a foldable fan or round hand fan – it doesn’t matter – no one wants one anymore… It is also referred to as a “Forgotten Fan” or “Cast-Off Fan”, sometimes metaphorically used to mean women who have lost the favor of a lover. Some others liken their aging selves to an “Autumn Fan” – once a celebrated member of the workforce, the vicissitudes of life suddenly make one realize one is redundant and no longer needed. It is a sad and depressing story.

But wait! Recently, the lingering Summer heat persists, and even in late August it is still hot, so we can’t just throw either a foldable fan or round hand fan away. Those items are supposed to be put away as we feel the hint of Autumn, but there is still a demand for them so sometimes people now use “Autumn Fan” in a positive context. Knowing we’ve still got what it takes puts us in bright spirits once again.

Of course, it goes without saying we should continue to make efforts to stay young. Caring for skin weakened by strong sunlight, being stylish to stay young-spirited, and learning new things such as Japanese chess or a new language might be good stimulation for our brain as well. We should always keep trying new things!

Even though it is “Autumn Begins”, we still have days of persistent lingering Summer heat. Whilst we are at home we want to stay in our most comfortable clothes, but don’t many of us try to put on a breezy-clean look when we go out?

We come across looking most refreshed when both our clothes and our hair are neat and put-together. When faced with strands of hair that dangle down over your face even though you brush them away again and again, what you need is a barrette. Today, stylish and luxurious-looking barrettes are in vogue, recognized as an accessory in their own right. Ladies are even seen intently trying them on in front of a mirror before they purchase them. When you feel down, cheer yourself up with a nice barrette and then step out in a bright, fresh spirit.

Alexandre de Paris Barrette: ¥17,280
Isetan Shinjuku Main Building Ladies’ Goods / Hair Accessories

Just for popping into the corner shop or taking a dog for a walk, or as a bag-in-bag for your commute, this is a perfect tote bag for containing small items such as a purse, handkerchief, tissues and keys.


Originally the word tote meant “to carry”. “Ice Carriers”, or canvas bags used for carrying ice, were apparently called “totes”. Nowadays tote bags are made from various materials. This NUNO tote uses fishing line woven into a satin-like fabric that is glossy and water-repellent. The tote has a zipper so the bag can be used for many purposes.

NUNO WORKS Coal bag (small, red/blue): ¥7,452
Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 5th Floor Interior

Usually, we simply say edamame, but in fact there are said to be several hundred different kinds. There are the ke-mame of Aomori, dadacha-mame of Yamagata, kurosaki-chamame of Niigata, koitozairai of Chiba and Tamba’s kuromame-edamame, to name just a few. Many regions have their own special edamame. They have grown to become popular worldwide, and you can even ask for “EDAMAME” in the West.

As you are no doubt aware, edamame are unripe soybeans. So, when they ripen, they become soybeans. Soybeans are called “The Meat of the Field” but edamame also contain plenty of vitamins, fiber, calcium and iron. Edamame also contain more beta-carotene and Vitamin C than soybeans. Just hearing all this makes us feel energized and makes us want to pair edamame with a beer tonight!

Edamame: From ¥648 per bag
Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 1st Basement Fresh Market
*This item may not be available for sale in some cases. Thank you for your understanding.

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