January 20th

​Amid coldest cold, the butterbur sprout shows its head in the snow, a sign of spring's coming.

this is japan. this is japan.



The dance of life

Hannah O’Neill – a ballet dancer performing throughout the world – performs charming dances by choreographer Pierre Lacotte expressing imagery from the 24 Seasons of Japan. With these, Isetan Mitsukoshi hopes to deliver a message about the enjoyment of living together with the seasons, and be the first to offer you tidings of the arrival of each new season. We hope you will enjoy the seasonal dances with your senses.

this is japan.は2015年よりスタートした三越伊勢丹グループの企業メッセージです。三越伊勢丹グループのすべて企業活動は、この言葉と向き合って日々作り上げられています。2017年、私たちは「基本を大切にしながら、未来に向かっていく勇気」をテーマにthis is japan.を発信いたします。

海外で活躍するバレエ・ダンサー、オニール・八菜氏は日本で生まれ幼少の頃よりバレエをはじめて、海外に移り住んでからも、その感性を活かしてバレエの研鑽を続け、夢であったパリ・オペラ座に入団を果たし活躍しています。その生き方は、まさに私たちが目指すべきthis is japan.に共鳴しています。

Since launching our corporate message “this is japan.” in 2015, the Isetan Mitsukoshi Group has embraced these words in every area of our activities. In 2017, we deliver this message with the idea of “valuing the fundamentals as we boldly stride into the future”.

As the symbol of “this is japan.” in 2017, Isetan Mitsukoshi has cast Internationally-renowned ballerina Hannah O’Neill. Born in Japan, O’Neill brought life to those sensibilities even whilst moving overseas, persevering through difficult training to fulfill her dream and join the Paris Opera Ballet.


1993年生まれ。東京出身。父はニュージーランド人、母は日本人。日本に住んでいた3歳からバレエを始め、2001年ニュージーランドに移住後もバレエを続け、2008年オーストラリアンバレエスクールに入学。数多くのコンクールで優勝し主席で卒業後、パリ・オペラ座のシーズン契約を経て2013年に正団員に。2016年にプルミエダンスーズとなる。同年5月、23歳にしてバレエ界のアカデミー賞ともいわれる 「ブノワ賞」を受賞。

Hannah O’Neill

Born in Tokyo (Setagaya) in 1993 to a New Zealander father and Japanese mother, Hannah O’Neill began ballet at the age of three. Her family moved to New Zealand in 2001 and in 2008 she entered the Australian ballet school, where she won numerous competitions and graduated at the top of her class. After signing to perform seasonally with the Paris Opera Ballet, she joined the company officially in 2013 and attained the rank of premier danseur in 2016. In May 2016, at the age of twenty-three, she was awarded the Benois de la Danse prize, sometimes called the Oscars of ballet.



Pierre Lacotte

Born in 1932, former dancer Lacotte has worked as a choreographer since 1951. He has made tremendous contributions to the revival of romantic ballets. He is now one of the foremost choreographers of the 21st century. He is married to the famous retired ballerina Ghislaine Thesmar.


私たちが伝えたいのは “希望に満ちた躍動感のある未来と勇気”です。注目のダンサー、オニール・八菜氏と世界的に著名な振付家ピエール・ラコット氏によるセッションで、未来と夢に向かって進んでいく勇気を表現しました。



this is japan.


Our Concept

Isetan Mitsukoshi seeks to express the idea of “a dynamic future filled with high hopes and a spirit of courage.” In their conversations, world-famous choreographer Pierre Lacotte and renowned dancer Hannah O’Neill discussed the courage to face the future and their dreams.


Our Message

Refinement of basics, radiant with trust.
The important things in life never change.
this is japan.

In the world of ballet, dancers work daily to refine the basics of their art; under their trusted directors and choreographers, they radiate with the expression of their immense talent. Building on these words, the guiding principle for our daily work is also self-refinement and the importance of interpersonal trust.


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this is japan. とは

三越伊勢丹グループでは、2011年より日本の伝統・文化・美意識の作り出す価値を再認識し、新しい価値を見出してお客さまにご提供する取り組みを推進しています。そして2015年より、この取り組みをさらに深化させた企業メッセージとしてthis is japan.を掲げて、品揃え、お客さまをもてなす心遣い、立居振舞いに、日本の四季で育まれた五感を生かした企業活動に磨きをかけてまいります。

About “this is japan.”

The Isetan Mitsukoshi Group has promoted a campaign since 2011 to rediscover values created by Japanese tradition, culture and aesthetic consciousness and offer them to our customers as new values. Under our corporate message, “this is japan.”, which we launched in 2015 by deepening this campaign, our group has refined our corporate activities, including our product lineup, hospitality and employee behavior, by fully using our five senses nurtured by the 24 Seasons of Japan.